Monthly Archives: September 2011

First light: 222B hiking lantern

 I’d been looking for a hiking lantern and a few months back found a 1990 222BB7101, Peak 1 variant, at a garage sale for $10.  It was in the box and appeared to be unfired.    It is pictured with a 2# coffee can for size comparison.

I did a quick teardown Continue reading


Running unleaded in a Coleman fuel device

Got a “can I run unleaded in my 220H” question today off the Coleman page on my websiteThis one is converted to kerosene, but is otherwise stock..  The 220H was a popular Coleman fuel pressure lantern;  it is not designed for unleaded.   Continue reading

daily prep

Turned on both handheld GPSr so they could get a lock.  Replaced leaky alkalines in one and cleaned up the leakage.  Updated waypoint files in each unit.

Canned some great northern beans.

Reorganized home-canned foodstuffs.  Dear Wife allotted an entire cabinet’s space to them.  Much easier to look over, use, and rotate.

Read up on deer fencing to see if we can make a lightweight chicken run that moves around the back yard.   They have torched the grass.

longer form

I’m starting to use Google+ for microblogging and commentary, but wanted a place to write longer form stuff.

My army buddy Bert has recommended wordpress before, so here I am.

NAS dying a slow death

A few years ago I found a 500MB NAS drive (WD My Book world edition with USB port for daisy chaining) at Fry’s for about $120.  Plugged Continue reading