NAS dying a slow death

A few years ago I found a 500MB NAS drive (WD My Book world edition with USB port for daisy chaining) at Fry’s for about $120.  Plugged a 1TB USB drive into it.

I did this because previously I was using my workstation as the host for USB drives and when other workstations accessed it there was bogification.  So either I could build a file server (heat, power) or use a little NAS box.

The NAS is dying.  Throughput is horrific.  Even when in working order it was something like 5MB/sec max;  I can live with that.  But now:

storage/Music Albums/POLICE/Synchronicity-ogg/06 - Synchronicity II.ogg
     3865308 100%   42.70kB/s    0:01:27 (xfer#624, to-check=13196/15301)
storage/Music Albums/POLICE/Synchronicity-ogg/07 - Every Breath You Take.ogg
     3351676 100%   52.55kB/s    0:01:01 (xfer#625, to-check=13195/15301)
storage/Music Albums/POLICE/Synchronicity-ogg/08 - King Of Pain.ogg

My rsync-powered backup routine is taking days to run.  Tried reformatting to ext2.  Tried reformatting to FAT32.  Each time required resyncing gigs of data… slowly.

So I’m going to try one of these little diskless NAS boxen.   The biggest caveat is to not use any external drives that power themselves down or it gets confused.  Will keep you posted.



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