First light: 222B hiking lantern

 I’d been looking for a hiking lantern and a few months back found a 1990 222BB7101, Peak 1 variant, at a garage sale for $10.  It was in the box and appeared to be unfired.    It is pictured with a 2# coffee can for size comparison.

I did a quick teardown to clean out dust and spiderwebs but it never would light correctly.  Hmm.   I suspected the fuel/air tube that lives in the fount.

So last week I tore it down all the way, removing all the hardware and using a bench vise to spin the fuel valve assembly out of the fount.  Cleaned everything.

I also ordered a new generator from  Odd thing is that the generator listed for this wee beastie is now a dual-fuel gen, the 226-2991.  The original given in my docs in the box is (Coleman fuel) gen   222A991.  A couple things spring to mind:

  1. this gen is wider than the original, which precludes the use of the heat shield 5414-4605, now marked discontinued.  Doesn’t fit though the hole in the shield made for this purpose. Hmmm.  The found is not getting excessively hot.  Feels like 120F  (can’t find my temp gun tonight).
  2. Does this mean the lantern is now effectively dual fuel?
I didn’t have any #20 mantles so I am using a #21 for testing in the pic above.  They are theoretically oversized but if it runs ok I’d rather keep just one size of mantle on hand.

2 responses to “First light: 222B hiking lantern

  1. Hi, I ran into the same problem. I had ordered, from Coleman, the generator listed for the 288B (I don’t remember the number, and threw away the packaging), and it didn’t fit. On my lantern it says specifically: “Use generator 222A2991”. (repeat, 222A2991, not 222A991), but as you say you can’t get those now. To prevent overheating, I’m going to file out the slot (a millimeter on each side should do it) in the shield which shouldn’t cause a problem.

  2. Hi from Sunny South Africa , George , Thank you, Got Old Model Peak I 222B has been standing a while unused Plunger pump assembly seems worn does not pump up a pressure can one still get this part.or mybe it needs just the rubber gasket ,I think the Generator is still fine. never used the Lanterm much Put a drop of oil in. any advice Peter

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