Monthly Archives: October 2011

TMO’s web guard

I’ve never run into the Web Guard proxy blacklist before, but hit it tonight during my forum browsing.  Trying to read Continue reading


unfrastructure, zombie comms: mesh + FTN + pgp

Consider the following:

Packages of messages delivered from node to node Continue reading

A tightwad wrestles with a smartphone data plan

There are folks who believe a smartphone is useless without a data plan;  this is demonstratably untrue. Continue reading

my first mesh wifi phone call

The other day I was mentioning to a co-worker (who spends his off-hours at Occupy Dallas) that what smartphones need is a mesh app Continue reading

spaetzle mit pils

Last night’s vegetarian dinner:  onion roll (split with the wife), spaetzle w/mushrooms (kit from Aldi),  Continue reading

My first working cat stove

I’ve tried, only half-heartedly to make a cat stove.  I am not so interested in having a cat stove as I am Continue reading

Meatless Monday: quick and dirty

Both the meal and the pic were slapped together.


Beets, brussel sprouts, potatoes.  Yummy, even if I didn’t have time to plate it out in a pleasing way.  Woke up later than usual and was in a bit of a rush.  

rsync-based backup

I suffered an external USB failure last year;  didn’t lose much but I had to work hard to recover the data as my backup scheme was compromised.

I resolved to correct the issue.  Here are the pieces of my current, tested, and functional solution: Continue reading

BOB update: sheath knife

Repacked our BOBs (bug out bags) the other day.  Added a plain Buck folder work knife to the Wife’s BOB. Continue reading

fun with eggs

Now that it’s getting a bit cooler out the birds are laying better again.   Continue reading