stopped in at Occupy Dallas

I work with a fellow who is spending much of his free time with the Occupy Dallas folks.*  Because I am a preparedness / traditional skills dork most of my questions had to do with food, water, lighting and hygiene rather than the political stand[s] they may or may not be making. **

Yesterday I looked at their Needs page and noticed they needed coffee, filters, coffee makers, etc.  So I hit Aldi on the way to work and got a couple 2# tins of coffee (the stuff I drink) a stack of filters, some M&Ms, some nearly-waterproof ziplock baggies and dropped them off at the encampment this morning on my way home from work.

First impressions:  a happy and peaceful group of folks of different backgrounds, genders, races, socioeconomic groups, etc, seemingly doing fine.    They appeared to be not fully awake yet (and still a bit damp from the previous night’s rain) so I kept my presence low-key and delivered the goods.  They said a cheery “thanks!” and I went on my way.


* because of the excessive tinfoil hattery and namecalling aimed at the Occupy folks (usually by folks who thought protests were Really Effing Great! when undertaken by the Tea Party) I’ll mention this fellow is an educated,  taxpaying citizen, a US Army veteran, currently working a fulltime job.

** I don’t know that I understand, much less agree with, the position[s] the group is taking.  To the degree that I like my humans free and able to assemble peacefully, I support their rights to do so.  I like their ability to organize with minimal hierarchy.  I like their willingness to be amorphous and flexible rather than rigid and dogmatic.  I like the reminder that we are slaves to our mortgages, our possessions, and our need to fit in.  I like the idea of small, flat, intentional communities.  I feel a rant coming on…


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