BOB update: sheath knife

Repacked our BOBs (bug out bags) the other day.  Added a plain Buck folder work knife to the Wife’s BOB.

I have had a Buck #105 Pathfinder packed in my bob for game cleaning and general uses.  It’s a actually a bit large for the kind of small game one might actually need to process while BOBbing.  And it’s heavy.  And the handle gets slick when processing.  But I have cleaned many rabbits, squirrels, and frogs with this knife.

Enter the Mora, subject of many glowing youtube videos and prepper forum reviews.  Cheap, simple, and functional, the this Swedish knife is the darling of the “gray man” style prepper who are less impressed by tacticool.  Picked up a Mora Craftline TopQ off eBay (new) for a tad over $10 shipped.  Srsly.

The sheath is simple and secure, and also has a hole drilled in the bottom for drainage.  It weighs almost exactly half what the Buck does.  The Buck comes out and the Mora now lives in the BOB.

Background is the grommeted poncho from my BOB.


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