unfrastructure, zombie comms: mesh + FTN + pgp

Consider the following:

Packages of messages delivered from node to node using logic like FidoNet Technology Networks or UUCP.  These packets are delivered opportunistically as nodes enter or pass through a phone-based wifi mesh network or other unfrastructure (post-infrastructure, ad hoc, self-organizing, temporary networks of peers).


Packet delivery might be accepted promiscuously, or only if signed by a trusted signer.




3 responses to “unfrastructure, zombie comms: mesh + FTN + pgp

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  2. Check out the open source project BATMAN… doesn’t run on smartphones yet, but nothing says it could not in the future. Wifi-direct capable hardware and software will also be very helpful.

    In response to your question of promiscuous access or signed, perhaps you could borrow something from the Bitcoin model. In order to set up a connection, a user’s device would have to “mine” time, perhaps by helping to solve the continuously changing routing tables problems. Set the parameters such that one to one or one to many video chat is still possible, but continuous spamming to many nodes is near impossible.

  3. Serval runs on batman, IIRC.

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