life in dial-up mode

Although it’s been a long while since I’ve actually connected to the net with dial-up, I am currently tethering at reduced 2G speeds (voluntarily) although quasi-4G is available on my plan and my phone will do 3G.  My workhorse Dell d410 tethers via wifi to the Android Optimus T (rooted, cyanogenmod).

I limit my mobile data to 2G for battery life and to remind me to be careful of my mobile bandwidth.  Seems to the be polite thing to do. Counteract a few data hogs, maybe.

This isn’t my speedtest but it’s indicative of what Edge 2G looks like on TMO:

it’s 43kbps down (similar to dialup), 81kpbs up (about 2x dialup), with pings similar to dialup.

I find it helpful to use mobile sites when possible ( or whatever), turn off javascript using NoScript or NotScript, and block ads.


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