I listen to podcasts and have developed embarrassing crushes on a couple of podcasters.  Winning personalities, great voices, genuine laughter.  I’m there.


Zoey Chace, from NPRs Planet Money podcast (rss). .  And apparently I’m not the only one with a crush on her.  These pics don’t help with the crush reduction at all.  Dangit.

Lillian Karabaic (AnomaLilly, ymonster), who apparently is a whirlwind of everything I love and women in Portland.   First heard on Portland Afoot podcast (rss).   Srsly, consider the following:  “AnomaLily lives in Portland (Oregon) where she fills her life with economics homework and rides her bicycle often. She drinks a great deal of tea and dark beer and enjoys geeking out about transportation policy.”  Swoon.



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