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3 veggie dinners in one week! woo hoo!

It was unintentional, but we had the highest % of meatless dinners last week.  If I were doing it on purpose it wouldn’t have been so bean-heavy.  I don’t mind, but Dear Wife is not excessively fond of beans.  1x/week max for her.


Note that I eat leftovers for my “lunch” at 2am, so I actually had 6 veggie meals during that week.

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side-by-side night burn of straight meths and 2:1 blend

eating well for less

I was reading this G+ entry by the lovely and interesting Darya Pino. Continue reading

Die, ROX, die!

I burn with a white-hot hate for ROX.  I hate the desktop, the filer, the panel, the pinboard.  Am I forgetting anything? Continue reading

POV: timeline of American preparedness

An interesting overview made in a post by Oil Lady, reproduced here in its entirety with her kind permission: Continue reading

XP revisited

I recently bought a refurb PC that came with XP (refurb edition) installed and a COA plastered on the side of the case. Continue reading

crunchbang revisited

I reinstalled crunchbang in virtualbox;   the whole experience was extremely positive. Continue reading

Tonight’s vegetarian meal: lentils+rice, leftover falafel

One of the more useful things I learned in 2011 is that lentils and rice Continue reading