crunchbang revisited

I reinstalled crunchbang in virtualbox;   the whole experience was extremely positive.

High points:

  • featured download method is by .torrent; this is optimal for all parties concerned.
  • based on debian
  • the graphical install is clean and lovely.  No crap, no bling, just clear information
  • default is openbox, which is a great choice for a clean distro
  • post-install script is simple and useful
  • What is that lovely, lightweight panel?  Read the autostart to learn it’s tint2.    I think fbpanel might lose out to tint2 on my desktops…
  • And while reading configs to learn the above, I found the ~/.config/openbox/autostart file to be meaningfully commented, and that the distro maintainer had the forethought to name his wrapper scripts with the prefix cb-, which I suppose stands for crunchbang.

This is great stuff.  I think at this point the only thing I would change is lightdm instead of slim for desktop manager functions because the latter is (AFAIK) no longer under active development.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

And, in one of those weird internet klein jar experiences:

this morning I listened to an HPR episode about crunchbang

then accidentally wandered into the #! blog entry about the HPR show

and in the blog entry the maintainer mentions my HPR chicken episode.  Srsly.


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