3 veggie dinners in one week! woo hoo!

It was unintentional, but we had the highest % of meatless dinners last week.  If I were doing it on purpose it wouldn’t have been so bean-heavy.  I don’t mind, but Dear Wife is not excessively fond of beans.  1x/week max for her.


Note that I eat leftovers for my “lunch” at 2am, so I actually had 6 veggie meals during that week.

1.  red beans, cornbread, and the all-powerful sriracha sauce.

2.  skillet-fried potatoes with swamp style “red beans and rice”
3.  polenta and canned Ranch Style Beans.  The polenta was home-made enough to make up for the canned beans.  First boiled 1# of polenta meal for hydration, then baked at 350F for about a half hour in loaf pans.  Let sit until, uhh, set.  A few hours later I sliced and  pan-fried the whole batch, which is the way I like it.  Like a denser hot water cornbread.  I don’t know how polenta meal differs from coarse corn meal yet.


On a miserly note, each one of these meals cost less than $2 to prepare and made 3 portions;  we ate dinner together then I cleaned up leftovers for lunch later that night, as mentioned above.   Frugality is not the point of our meat reduction but it is a welcome side benefit.


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