Vegetarian dinner: more seaweed and a bit of seasoning

A recent dinner.  Again with the said quasi-sushiroll stuff.  Tastes better than it looks.

Had a little left over so pressed it into a bowl and upturned onto a plate like I’ve seen done at some local Japanese restaurants.  Sprinkled on a bit of something I found at the local Asian market.  I will swing by the market on the way to work and pick up some pickled veggies, etc, to populate the innards of the roll.


Tip:  those little bamboo mats are exceptionally functional.  My rolls went from hideously mis-shapen to somewhat amusingly  mis-shapen but recognizable as sushi-like.


Note:  I think these rolled things might be a pathetic example of the  Futomaki type of Makizushi.  IOW, fat sushi rolls.  Futomaki is “often vegetarian”, which I did not know.    I will tag the posts “sushi” and maybe futomaki if I remember that word.  Forgive my ignorance if I offend.


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