veggie breakfast + farmhouse ale

This may take some ‘splaining.

Yes, this is breakfast and yes that’s a half-liter mass of beer.

 I work deep nights so my bedtime is morning for most folks.    A nightcap, should I have one, occurs for me about the time most American folk are arriving for work.

This AM for dinner I made a breakfast-like egg thingy.  Had some baked potato which I sliced up and panfried with a bit of olive oil.  Turned’em over, cooked a bit longer and added three whisked eggs from the backyard chickens.  Bit of shredded cheese (co-jack, I think).  Hearty and yummy.  Based on something I’d seen the Urban Peasant do.

Took a while to brown the taters so I retrieved a farmhouse ale I’d made with Wyeast’s limited-edition 3726 I’d cultured a couple of years ago.   That yeast likes it hot and rewards the brewer with leathery, horsey notes.  Like a warm saddle (in a good way). Also some citrusy tang somehow.  Really interesting table beer.  And good with breakfast.


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