Tonight’s meatless dinner: zuke, sprouted beans, plantain

Tonight’s  dinner:

  • sprouted red (adzuki?) beans from the Asian market.    Took ~4 days to sprout.  Sauteed with:
  • zucchini.
  • baked plantain
  • brown rice

The brown rice is going to be a little controversial for purists.  It was cooked in turkey stock rather than plain water.  This is why I referred to it as meatless rather than vegetarian.

Last Thanksgiving I deboned the turkey, divvied up the meat into .5lb portions in ziplocks (light v. dark) and froze them.  I simmered the remaining carcass for a few hours and froze the stock in 1 pint containers.    I used one of these (plus a bit of water) to cook the brown rice.

My intent was to make complete use of every bit of that bird.  So cooking my rice in turkey broth seems, to me at least, to fit into the idea of mindful and grateful eating although it is not vegetarian in the normal sense.

This got me thinking about eating marginal animal-derived foods and the ways I diverge from stereotypical vegetarians.  Consider the following:

Chicken breast, wings, thighs vs. hearts, gizzards, stock.

Beef vs. offal, rennet, stock.

Pork vs. chitterlins, hocks, stock.

From the POV of a person who wants to decrease subsidization of factory farming and/or increase the living standards for animals it seems that eating marginal, derived foods is less harmful than eating the ‘prime’ bits.   The population of cow herds and their subsequent slaughter is driven by beef, not stock, tails, rennet, kidneys, liver, etc.    Beef is not a byproduct;  it drives the process.    One might argue that eating the non-prime bits makes best use of animal-based food when the animal was slaughtered for another (market-driven) reason.

The reverse case is sharks;  they are killed for the marginal bits (fins) when the meat is probably edible.  A double waste.


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