[ovo]vegetarian lunch: fried rice

I cooked some sushi rice on Monday night before work (1c rice, 1.66c water, soaked overnight then cooked in rice cooker) but didn’t have enough time to cool it and infused with sushi vinegar.

So I refrigerated it until tonight and cooked it up for lunch.  Cold oil in hot wok, chowed the rice.  Then onions;  incorporated with rice and made a hole again.  I think 1 egg would have been a more normal ratio but now that the daylight is increasing the birds are in the mood to lay eggs again.

Added two eggs from the backyard chickens, scrambled then incorporated the whole mess.  Ate with a tiny bit of soy.

Scrubbed up the wok, dried on low and re-oiled.  Sure wish I had a gas stove…. the house is plumbed for it but the existing stove is electric.  Hard to control the heat with any accuracy.


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