prepper lunch: chicken noodle with hardtack

When I hear hardtack I think about sailors, pirates, scurvy, and all that.

It’s not that hard to make and it really does last.  I made some about a year ago and have it stored in a jar in my pantry.  Seems to be the same as when I put it there after I made it.

Cooked some Campbell’s (cheating, I know) and threw a chunk of hardtack in there about the size of two zippo lighters laid side-by-side.  Ate the softening edges as they rehydrated from the soup.  By the time I had finished both portions the ‘tack was softened and edible.

Remember to throw the ‘tack in ASAP (before heating if possible) so it has max time to soften.    Next time I make it I will go thinner to make hydration easier.  The downside is this will increase surface area and so may decrease storage life.


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