Today’s vegetarian dinner: dandelion and sauerkraut

No, I’m not going all Euell Gibbons. It was just what was at hand.

Due to my deep nights work schedule I have to do outdoor noisy things as soon as the law allows (8am here) then shower and hit the sack.

I went out to the front yard to walk it before mowing; twig removal, etc. I noticed small dandelions so I picked the greens and took them in, rinsed them off, and threw them in the steamer.

Went and mowed with an electric mower I got free off Freecycle and fettled into functionality.

After mowing I threw the greens into a bowl and topped them with a dollop of fresh sauerkraut from my first batch ever. It’s only about 10 days old but the main fermentation has stopped and it’s recognizable as kraut. The lactic bite of the kraut hid most of the greens bitterness. I understand most folks actually blanch them 1x-2x to extract some of the bitterness. Never ate them before although I always knew they were edible.

Will pick them young next time and blanch. But it wasn’t bad as-is.


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