Linux review: Slitaz 4

A few years ago when I first started experimenting with small linuxes (DSL, Tiny Core, Puppy, etc) I liked Slitaz but it looked abandoned.  

So when I heard on Distrowatch that a new .iso was available I scooped  it up.

My normal experiment runs like this:

  1. run from live cd as an VirtualBox guest, 512MB RAM, everything else default.
  2. load up on the default browser
  3. decide to give up on it or to install it to the disc in the virtual machine.
This image of Slitaz was so slow I began to suspect my VBox installation was broken.  Everything was dog slow.  Several minutes to boot.   Using the UI was painful (and confusing, but that’s a secondary problem).  

I closed the isntance and loaded up TinyCore;  BAM!  we have a desktop.  This new ‘Taz is pretty but has horribly mangled performance in my testing.  Bye, ‘Taz.


6 responses to “Linux review: Slitaz 4

  1. I had the opposite experience. Although, my computer has 1GB of RAM and a 2.4 GHz single-core celeron. It was IMO the fastest distro I have ever used but I have never used Tiny Core or DSL. Only really puppy variations when it comes to small Linuxes runny in RAM. To me, it was noticeablly faster than Puppy and I actually really like the way it was set up. The only thing that stopped me from installing for good is that I heard it is a lot slower when on HD and you can’t save a frugal install from what I read.

  2. Hmmm. I’ve made a bootable usb (unetbootin) to give it a try outside the virtual instance. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Loaded the liveUSB into an Eee netbook. Refused to try to boot from the Slitaz Live option, and kernel panic on all other options I tried.

    Overwriting that .iso to help Corenomial test the latest Crunchbang:

  4. I installed 4 to my eeepc 701’s SSD and it runs like a champ 1 gb ram, boots in ~20 seconds. Put Chrome, Wine, Zsnes, VLC, and think it is awesome.

    • R.F.B.(They_made_me_Nemesis)

      Mike, nice job you did. I did nice with Slitaz3 on my dell mini 10 with SSD 64gb(replaced original hdd) and tested with as suggested from developers of Slitaz (Faster Boot: To do this, just edit your etc/rcS.conf …–> #nano /etc/rcS.conf … Line 19: FAST_BOOT_X=”yes”, Line 50: RUN_DAEMONS=”” …Remove dbus, hald and slim from the RUN_DAEMONS array. That’s all. ), and with wine(all) but I failed with S.4 , it does not want to boot, but don’t worry I’ll manage something to work. Also I’ve put USB version (both) on the SSD to boot from RAM (LILO or Grub – but I prefer Lilo more).

  5. Awesome on an old Dell Latitude C810 with PIII & only 256 Mo !

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