SolusOS: lots of hype, not

{Update:  please read the comments below.  I did get SolusOS running on RC3.  As I write this I see RC4 is out, and I encourage folks to try it.

I almost didn’t post this article;  it sat as an unfinished draft for a while, and after pressing Publish I realized the title wasn’t even complete.   I don’t remember how I intended to complete the title.

ed. fratermus }



I’ve been hearing good buzz about SolusOS and decided to try it out.

As is normal, tried to run is as a LiveCD first.  Couldn’t even get it to boot.  Went to the forums.   There’s an error in the .iso.  Uhhh, ok.

Following the instructions on the forum:

xdelta patch SolusOS-RC2.patch SolusOS-RC2.iso SolusOS-RC2-Fixed.iso

bash: xdelta: command not found

Ok, no problem.

 sudo aptitude install xdelta
[sudo] password for x:

The following NEW packages will be installed:
libxdelta2{a} xdelta
0 packages upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 79.7 kB of archives. After unpacking 266 kB will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?]


xdelta patch SolusOS-RC2.patch SolusOS-RC2.iso SolusOS-RC2-Fixed.iso

xdelta: SolusOS-RC2-Fixed.iso: Checksum validation failed, expected: adce80f751f7152fd00d3ae4441b51ba, received: 8ea644bb85b6ff081dc210c56d366504


So I tried another testing .iso.  Also broken, also requiring patching.  Screw this;  I’m bailing.


8 responses to “SolusOS: lots of hype, not

  1. You know that RC3 is out right? Has been for ages..

  2. May 4th 2012 you wrote this? The RC3 had been released on 22nd of March.

    So……. why are you using a RC2 is and going to patch that when there is a RC3 that actually works? Guess you downloaded the broken, thus wrong iso too then instead of the good RC3.

    Bashing on and bailing out a distro when you’re the one who makes the mistakes is wrong imho.

  3. I downloaded RC2 when it was the default DL; took me a while to get around to installing it and longer to write it up.

    After the RC2 patch fun, I went back to the site, saw the RC3 and started to DL it. perhaps it was the “RC3 installer broken” and “RC3 kernel panic” threads. There is a limit to the amount of time I will mess around with someone’s pet distro.

    I will make two observations:

    1. 40 days or so is not “ages”.
    2. more productive advocacy would sound something like this: “Some people did have problems with RC2. We released RC3, found here {link}, which I think will work better for your testing purposes.” Or you could take the approach you took here.

  4. Pulled down another copy of RC3 to be sure. Assessed it using my usual methods.

    I will admit this experience was a little better. RC2 locked up after about 10 seconds on the blue flower screen. RC3 got further down the road, locking up after about 25 seconds on a white screen. In both cases the disk activity icon goes still and never moves again. No indication on screen about why it locked up.

    Screenshot of the bittorrent dl and frozen virtualbox boot:

    I will rephrase my plan in somewhat gentler terms (although the meaning is the same): I have no particular attachment to Solus. I was curious, but there is no compelling reason for me to fight to make it work. I will focus my attention elsewhere.

  5. In the development world, 40 days is a long time, when we’re doing
    release candidates 🙂 But that’s hardly the point.
    I’m gonna assume your virtualbox isn’t using PAE which explains
    the issue seen. Fairly trivial matter to resolve.

    Anywhos in future maybe asking on the IRC or forums will get
    you a bit further. Either which, thanks for testing 🙂

  6. Helpful input, and gently put. Thanks.

    And I take your point that these are RCs rather than formal releases.

    In this case the white screenshot was done with PAE enabled in Virtualbox ( Settings | System | Processor | Enable PAE ) but it still hung.* I deleted the virtual yesterday, but set it up again today in case a fresh virtual would make a difference, one where PAE was enabled from the start (before the first boot attempt). Don’t know why that would make a difference, but it’s worth a try.

    It does appear to be booting. (Update: it did boot )

    My preference for light distros probably means I am not in the target audience. I’ve driven it as a live image for a bit and will install to see how that goes. I will update my post above with the info I glean from the experience.


    * I had tried it first without PAE and it stopped at the blue screen. WIth PAE it stopped at white screen. PAE was on my mind because I had my first run-in with PAE requirement in a Crunchbang RC this seek, but in that case VB popped up a “this OS needs PAE error!” at boot. This didn’t happen with Solus (or Ubuntu) for whatever reason. I enabled PAE to see if it mattered.

  7. Coolness 🙂 It shouldn’t be overly heavy, usually using around 120MB in a vbox, but obviously its still gnome 🙂
    If you need a hand or anything let me know ^^

    P.S We could be looking at final pretty soon

  8. I did get it installed and it ran somewhat better installed than livecd.

    I do not know if it dislikes my virtualbox installation or my usual testing procedure, but it took over an hour to install and ran slowly enough I was making mistakes when working with the UI.

    I do not think the distro is for me, but I hope Ikey keeps up the work contributing to the Linux community. I appreciate his comments here in the thread.

    Seacrest out.

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