What do I get from CyanogenMod?

Recently I posted I had reverted to  stock froyo  on my Optimus p509 (p500, same as Optimus One).  I’m still stock, but now it’s a 2.3.3 Gingerbread stock-based ROM[0] originally for the Indian market that works with the new v20 baseband;  the original 2.2 stock  ROM only worked on old v10 baseband.

My experience on this stock-based gingerbread ROM has been excellent.  Battery life is exceptional;  in my generic bedstand overnight testing it drains 0.8%-1.5%/hr with bluetooth and wifi on.  The bluetooth is much more stable and connects to devices quickly.

Stock GB is  so good I am doing the mental math to figure out whether or not I will go back to CM after the bluetooth stack is improved.  It’s not an easy or idle question:  I have been a cheerleader for CM, have donated to the CyanogenMod project (both directly and by Flattr) and also bought the p500 CM developer’s donation app, been active on the forums and have formally submitted at least the one bug.

So  here are the things I get from CyanogenMod that a stock ROM doesn’t provide:

  • Power button menu  that comes up when you press power.  Easy to reboot into recovery .  Using Quick Boot app to do this.  Since the timing was a little wonky on CM (had to hold the power button a few times to get the hold-it-down time exactly right) this may actually be an improvement over the CM experience.
  • phone calls blacklist.  Nicely integrated into the menu when you longpress a number in the call log.  Working around this with Calls Blacklist app which works fine but cannot be invoked from call log.
  • notification power widget configurability (the thing in the notification bar where you can toggle wifi, bt, gps, mobile data, auto-rotation, etc) .  Haven’t really missed this  but it bugs me it’s not configurable in stock.    There are apps to add this but I haven’t cared enough to do it.  I did add Quick Rotate Change app which toggles auto-rotate when you longpress the search key.
  • CPU freq control and governor.  Integrated into the Performance menus of CM.  I use  SetCPU before CM so I use that now.  I’ve also had good luck with the No Frills app.
  • Hold volume rocker to change tracks.  Used to be a big deal to me when I sync’ed podcasts and played them in Music.  Now I use Pocket Casts.

[0] stock ROM with various tweaks, bloatware removed


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