Jumping ship from p500 Optimus

I recently did a “thinking out loud” piece about what I get from CyanogenMod that I don’t get from the stock ROM, and wondered if I’d go back to CM on the Optimus T (p500/509) platform.  I ended up taking a different path altogether.

I ended up getting a used HTC Inspire 4G from eBay (and running CM7.2 stable on it).

The Inspire is an ATT phone based on the European Desire HD model.  It doesn’t have TMO 3/4G compatible bands but since I’m not carrying a data plan that’s moot.

Here are the practical differences with this new phone:

  1. the 1gHz CPU definitely is faster, while battery consumption remains about the same:  1%/hr when on the bedstand, and more when in active use.
  2. the 4.3″ display is a noticeable upgrade from the 3.25″.  I wear glasses now and can read the Inspire’s screen without my glasses on.
  3. After loading the (20) apps I use on Android there is 900MB free even with everything remaining in the card’s internal storage.  On the Optimus I had everything I could move to the sdcard natively moved, and had 70MB free at that point.    I don’t want more apps so the free space isn’t that important, but running from sdcard is likely slower and definitely affects widget use.

So after that teeth-gnashing why did I load up CM instead of the stock ROM?  Because the stock ROM in this case is infested with Sense bloat.  The LG implementation was very close to stock;  just a few bloaty apps.   CM vs vanilla Android is pretty close;  CM vs proprietary marketing-driven crap is a blowout.




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