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Sprouting the Corning way

Found a sprouter NIB at a yard sale the other day.   From the graphics on the box and the Joske’s price tag on it the clues point to 1981.  The graphic shown is from a 1981 flyer that Google found and did OCRed. Continue reading


ham ticket

I’ve been quiet the last few weeks because I’ve been doing a lot of reading on amateur radio-related topics.

I had a Tech ticket back in 1993 but let it lapse.  I took the exam again on the 1st and my new call showed up in the FCC database on the 12th.

I’ve always been more of a monitoring guy than talking guy but this time Continue reading


In response to Mr. Steger’s G+ post


Just watched it (Maher’s Religulous) on Netflix.

I’m no Maher fanboi, but the fruitlessness of the project is not a function of anything _Maher_ is doing.

The fruitlessness is a function of religion’s memetic auto-vaccination against critical thought and standards of evidence.  It’s also a function  of religion attracting, as do the lottery and smoking, a demographic not generally known for introspection, education, or an ability to reconsider opinions when presented with new information. Continue reading