Sprouting the Corning way

Found a sprouter NIB at a yard sale the other day.   From the graphics on the box and the Joske’s price tag on it the clues point to 1981.  The graphic shown is from a 1981 flyer that Google found and did OCRed.

It had some sprouting seeds in there (mung and fenugreek, I think), a tall glass jar, a pyrex draining dish (why pyrex?), and two different size plastic mesh lids.  I really wanted the lids, as they are expensive everywhere I look so I had been using screens.  I offered $2 and took it away.

Tried to sprout the 30yr-old mung beans for giggles, but no go.  Happily sprouting lentils at the moment.

Also got more dried green peas from the Indian market;  they make excellent sprouts.  Moved my sprouting legumes/beans/whatever to jars instead of their rupture-prone plastic bags.  Easier to arrange in the cabinet so I can see what I’ve got.


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