Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tasker and Llama for android automation

I have been using and loving Tasker.   It’s absolutely worth the purchase price and I’m notoriously cheap frugal.


Consider the following scenarios, however:

1.  secondary android phones.  I have a couple of old android phones that I use with their own “throwaway” gmail accounts.  The mail, if any, addressed to those accounts gets forwarded to my “real” gmail addy.    I could use some light automation on these but don’t necessarily want/need Tasker’s level of all-singing, all-dancing awesomeness.  In this case Tasker would not be worth buying for each phone.
2.   People who don’t want to set up Google Wallet to pay for apps

3.  People who want to use only free apps


For these cases I can recommend Llama.  It’s a free app that does much of what I use Tasker for, and 100% of what I would use Tasker for on my backup phone[s].



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