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Kindle content at local libraries

Since I’m editing this constantly, I’ve moved this post to a standalone page.


Tasker and Llama for android automation

I have been using and loving Tasker.   It’s absolutely worth the purchase price and I’m notoriously cheap frugal.


Consider the following scenarios, however:

1.  secondary android phones.  I have a couple of old android phones that I use with their own “throwaway” gmail accounts.  The mail, if any, addressed to those accounts gets forwarded to my “real” gmail addy.    I could use some light automation on these but don’t necessarily want/need Tasker’s level of all-singing, all-dancing awesomeness.  In this case Tasker would not be worth buying for each phone.
2.   People who don’t want to set up Google Wallet to pay for apps

3.  People who want to use only free apps


For these cases I can recommend Llama.  It’s a free app that does much of what I use Tasker for, and 100% of what I would use Tasker for on my backup phone[s].


lacto weekend: kraut and yogurt

My most recent batch of sauerkraut, done in large glass jar under a towel, was the best so far.  I was a little worried Continue reading

Real world EIT data

I run a MythTV box with both analog (dual tuner  Hauppauge PVR-500) and digital (dual tuner HD Homerun) capture devices.

For reasons peculiar to my setup Continue reading

Tonight’s meatless dinner: pão de queijo

My favorite part of those high dollar Brazillian chursacurria places is the pão de queijo cheese bread.  Yum!

I looked at many, and ended up using this one. Continue reading

Today’s vegetarian dinner: dandelion and sauerkraut

No, I’m not going all Euell Gibbons. It was just what was at hand.

Due to my deep nights work schedule I have to do outdoor noisy things as soon as the law allows (8am here) then shower and hit the sack.

I went out to the front yard to walk it before mowing; twig removal, etc. I noticed small dandelions so I picked the greens and took them in, rinsed them off, and threw them in the steamer. Continue reading

prepper lunch: chicken noodle with hardtack

When I hear hardtack I think about sailors, pirates, scurvy, and all that.

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[ovo]vegetarian lunch: fried rice

I cooked some sushi rice on Monday night before work (1c rice, 1.66c water, soaked overnight then cooked in rice cooker) but didn’t have enough time to cool it and infused with sushi vinegar.

So I refrigerated it until tonight and cooked it up for lunch.  Cold oil in hot wok, chowed the rice.  Then onions;  incorporated with rice and made a hole again.  I think 1 egg would have been a more normal ratio but now that the daylight is increasing the birds are in the mood to lay eggs again.

Added two eggs from the backyard chickens, scrambled then incorporated the whole mess.  Ate with a tiny bit of soy.

Scrubbed up the wok, dried on low and re-oiled.  Sure wish I had a gas stove…. the house is plumbed for it but the existing stove is electric.  Hard to control the heat with any accuracy.

Tonight’s meatless dinner: zuke, sprouted beans, plantain

Tonight’s  dinner:

  • sprouted red (adzuki?) beans from the Asian market.    Took ~4 days to sprout.  Sauteed with:
  • zucchini.
  • baked plantain
  • brown rice

The brown rice is going to be a little controversial for purists.   Continue reading

3 veggie dinners in one week! woo hoo!

It was unintentional, but we had the highest % of meatless dinners last week.  If I were doing it on purpose it wouldn’t have been so bean-heavy.  I don’t mind, but Dear Wife is not excessively fond of beans.  1x/week max for her.


Note that I eat leftovers for my “lunch” at 2am, so I actually had 6 veggie meals during that week.

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