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Kindle content at local libraries

Since I’m editing this constantly, I’ve moved this post to a standalone page.


left justification on Kindle e-ink readers

Full justification bugs me, and it bugged me there was no option in the Kindle “Aa” text menu to change it.

Turns out you can edit a config file on the Kindle to allow changing justification from FULL to LEFT.  Hells, yeah.

Doctorow; more Calibre exploration

Finished reading my first book on the Kindle, Doctorow’s excellent novella Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.  It’s like cyberpunk for the current generation. It’s also CC licensed and available as  as .epub download from his site.  For Kindle consumption run it through Calibre to convert to .mobi or .azw3 or something.


Speaking of Calibre, I’ve been spending more time in that Swiss Army Knife of an eReader utility.  It has a “News” section where you can set up web content to automagically downloaded according to a schedule you specifiy, coverted to a format for your reader, and uploaded to your reader next time you plug it into the PC.  Works great.  I currently read free feeds from the WSJ, BBC, etc.   It’s CPU-intensive, so schedule it to run sometime when you are away.

Kindle reader and my footdragging

I’ve long thought the idea of hardware-based eReaders was a good one:  light weight, paperback form factor, and e-ink displays make for Continue reading