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First purchase with bitcoin

I used the first payout from Eligius to buy 20GH of SHA256 hashing from Hashie.

They have been running a deal where you can claim Continue reading


AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich experiment over

I ran with an AOSP ROM for the HTC Inspire for a couple of months and have returned to CyanogenMod 7.2.

My longer-term thoughts on the AOSP build:

Pro —

  • Very clean / vanilla.  No crap.
  • Configuration sliders started to grow on me
  • Automagic attempts to pair with BT devices, presumably using the 0000 and 1234 default codes.

Con —

  • Good battery life for the most part, but rarely it’d get into something and blow through the battery in a few hours.  I didn’t see anything obvious in Better Battery Stats.
  • I did miss a couple of CM features, like the integrated phone blacklist, additional configs (and those configuration options in sensible places)
  • ICS doesn’t work with all my default apps (or vice versa)

The beauty of third-party recoveries (like ClockworkMod) is you can bop back and forth between ROMs with little trouble.


Filezilla + ClockworkMod backup corruption adventure

One of the CyanogenMod devs advised, in response to a post about corrupted filesystems,  that users not mount the microSDHC in the phone via USB.  Ok.  I loaded the FTP Server app on my phone and Continue reading

SolusOS: lots of hype, not

{Update:  please read the comments below.  I did get SolusOS running on RC3.  As I write this I see RC4 is out, and I encourage folks to try it.

I almost didn’t post this article;  it sat as an unfinished draft for a while, and after pressing Publish I realized the title wasn’t even complete.   I don’t remember how I intended to complete the title.

ed. fratermus }



I’ve been hearing good buzz about SolusOS and decided to try it out.

As is normal, tried to run is as a LiveCD first.  Couldn’t even get it to boot.  Went to the forums.   There’s an error in the .iso.  Uhhh, ok.

Continue reading

Linux review: Slitaz 4

A few years ago when I first started experimenting with small linuxes (DSL, Tiny Core, Puppy, etc) I liked Slitaz but it looked abandoned.   Continue reading

Real world EIT data

I run a MythTV box with both analog (dual tuner  Hauppauge PVR-500) and digital (dual tuner HD Homerun) capture devices.

For reasons peculiar to my setup Continue reading

CM7 bluetooth stack for Optimus One/p500/p509 is a battery drainer

I have been fighting massive battery drain in official CM7.2, as in “40% battery consumption while sitting on the bedstand overnight.”  Stock ROM minus the bloatware would use less than 10% overnight.

Then I remembered a problem I had with Mik’s unofficial CM7. Continue reading

Crossing Sabayon off my list…

Sabayon has popped up on my radar several times in the last month so I decided to give it a try.  Didn’t go well. Continue reading

Die, ROX, die!

I burn with a white-hot hate for ROX.  I hate the desktop, the filer, the panel, the pinboard.  Am I forgetting anything? Continue reading

XP revisited

I recently bought a refurb PC that came with XP (refurb edition) installed and a COA plastered on the side of the case. Continue reading