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AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich experiment over

I ran with an AOSP ROM for the HTC Inspire for a couple of months and have returned to CyanogenMod 7.2.

My longer-term thoughts on the AOSP build:

Pro —

  • Very clean / vanilla.  No crap.
  • Configuration sliders started to grow on me
  • Automagic attempts to pair with BT devices, presumably using the 0000 and 1234 default codes.

Con —

  • Good battery life for the most part, but rarely it’d get into something and blow through the battery in a few hours.  I didn’t see anything obvious in Better Battery Stats.
  • I did miss a couple of CM features, like the integrated phone blacklist, additional configs (and those configuration options in sensible places)
  • ICS doesn’t work with all my default apps (or vice versa)

The beauty of third-party recoveries (like ClockworkMod) is you can bop back and forth between ROMs with little trouble.



(vanilla) ice cream sandwich

I am pretty happy with Gingerbread, whether stock TMO or CM7.2


I have been following along with a completely vanilla (AOSP) ICS 4.x ROM, aospX.     Yesterday I decided to try it as a daily driver for a week or so.   Two apps, Tasker and PocketCasts are a PITA to move from rom to rom so I am using:

Tasker –> llama

pocket casts –> mort audiobook player



Better fonts and improved readability

better gmail app


Something confused my phone last “night” and it dropped my battery to 1% in 8 hours on the bedstand.  😦


yogurt and honey

yogurt and honey

A cow-orker (!) moves unwanted bee swarms and harvested 40# from a recent job. I put a bit on some of my homemade yogurt.

I drain it on a coffee filter so it’s quite firm. I always liked it thick, but didn’t know it was what they called “Greek style”.

Tasker and Llama for android automation

I have been using and loving Tasker.   It’s absolutely worth the purchase price and I’m notoriously cheap frugal.


Consider the following scenarios, however:

1.  secondary android phones.  I have a couple of old android phones that I use with their own “throwaway” gmail accounts.  The mail, if any, addressed to those accounts gets forwarded to my “real” gmail addy.    I could use some light automation on these but don’t necessarily want/need Tasker’s level of all-singing, all-dancing awesomeness.  In this case Tasker would not be worth buying for each phone.
2.   People who don’t want to set up Google Wallet to pay for apps

3.  People who want to use only free apps


For these cases I can recommend Llama.  It’s a free app that does much of what I use Tasker for, and 100% of what I would use Tasker for on my backup phone[s].


lacto weekend: kraut and yogurt

My most recent batch of sauerkraut, done in large glass jar under a towel, was the best so far.  I was a little worried Continue reading

Jumping ship from p500 Optimus

I recently did a “thinking out loud” piece about what I get from CyanogenMod that I don’t get from the stock ROM, and wondered if I’d go back to CM on the Optimus T (p500/509) platform.  I ended up taking a different path altogether. Continue reading

What do I get from CyanogenMod?

Recently I posted I had reverted to  stock froyo  on my Optimus p509 (p500, same as Optimus One).  I’m still stock, but now it’s a 2.3.3 Gingerbread stock-based ROM[0] originally for the Indian market Continue reading

Filezilla + ClockworkMod backup corruption adventure

One of the CyanogenMod devs advised, in response to a post about corrupted filesystems,  that users not mount the microSDHC in the phone via USB.  Ok.  I loaded the FTP Server app on my phone and Continue reading

CyanogenMod apostacy

I’ve been fighting bluetooth-related battery drain issues on CM 7.x. Continue reading

Tonight’s meatless dinner: pão de queijo

My favorite part of those high dollar Brazillian chursacurria places is the pão de queijo cheese bread.  Yum!

I looked at many, and ended up using this one. Continue reading