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Gedanken: sheepdog

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A shepherd has a flock of sheep and a sheepdog to protect the flock.  The sheep eat grass.  The sheepdog’s feed is bought by shearing the sheep and selling the woold.  The sheepdog starts attacking the sheep instead of protecting them.  

What should (or will) the shepherd do?  

If the shepherd takes no action what should (or will) the sheep do?



First principles: portland’s mayor

Mayor Sam Adams said late Sunday afternoon that “a series of increased drug overdoses… an arsonist that used the camp as camouflage and almost a 20% increase in crime surrounding the encampment” prompted the move. cnn


A quick review of the principles presented by the mayor.

  1. Citizens must be removed from any area that experiences a series of increased drug overdoses. (Concerts?  Frat parties?  Professional sports teams?)
  2. Citizens must be removed from any area which arsonists use as camoflage (pretty much anywhere, it’s open season!  “Hey, I think I saw an arsonist use that private residence as camoflage!”)
  3. Citizens must be removed from any area which experiences a 20% increase in crime (conventions, superbowl, etc)
The state knows what is best for you, and with whom you should freely associate.  {spit}  
Full disclosure:  I love, love, love Portland.

Shouting down one’s opponent is counterproductive

Shouting someone down is not debate.

In a shout-down the the shouter is revealed as someone with a platform so weak (or the opponent’s so strong) that theirs cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas.


Shouting down is crowdsourced censorship.  Let your opponents hang themselves with their own words.  Let the audience make their choices.


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