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Linux review: Slitaz 4

A few years ago when I first started experimenting with small linuxes (DSL, Tiny Core, Puppy, etc) I liked Slitaz but it looked abandoned.   Continue reading


Crossing Sabayon off my list…

Sabayon has popped up on my radar several times in the last month so I decided to give it a try.  Didn’t go well. Continue reading

Die, ROX, die!

I burn with a white-hot hate for ROX.  I hate the desktop, the filer, the panel, the pinboard.  Am I forgetting anything? Continue reading

crunchbang revisited

I reinstalled crunchbang in virtualbox;   the whole experience was extremely positive. Continue reading

“On a clear disk you can see forever”

My workstation gets less and less use for various reasons; the old dell d410 laptop is seeing most of the action.  A few months back I decided Continue reading

The new linux desktops

Spent the evening playing with some of the new wave of Linux desktops:  Unity and Gnome Shell (ie, Gnome 3), and Mint’s MGSE (Gnome Shell w/hacks).


I hate them all.  I am currently writing this from a LiveUSB of Ubuntu 11.10;  this Unity crap is giving me fits.  You know your friend’s little sister who is pretty but completely annoying and you wish she’d go away?  Yeah.  Like that.


You know how much you hate the Microsoft ribbon menu crap with stuff squiggling and moving around, stuff hidden in weird places?  Yeah, like that, too.


Props to Mint for MATE, a fork of the Gnome 2.x line, back when desktops were still usable for things other than showing off to folks looking over your shoulder.

Is there any upside?   Well, I don’t reject the application searchbox concept out of hand.  It could be a useful popup.

I reject all these heavyweight, overdesigned, dumbed-down interfaces.  I think the special effects in Minority Report corrupted the mobile interface, and now the mobile interface has infected the desktop.  Fsck that.  Openbox for the win.  Linux is not for stupid people or those who are fascinated by shiny objects.

life in dial-up mode

Although it’s been a long while since I’ve actually connected to the net with dial-up, I am currently tethering Continue reading

my first mesh wifi phone call

The other day I was mentioning to a co-worker (who spends his off-hours at Occupy Dallas) that what smartphones need is a mesh app Continue reading

rsync-based backup

I suffered an external USB failure last year;  didn’t lose much but I had to work hard to recover the data as my backup scheme was compromised.

I resolved to correct the issue.  Here are the pieces of my current, tested, and functional solution: Continue reading

ass-u-me: faulty troubleshooting on the NAS

I mentioned earlier that my WD worldbook NAS was apparently dying.  It might be (can’t tell yet), but that wasn’t the real problem. Continue reading